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About Grants

About Grants

The Entertainment Industry Foundation is proud of its successful partnership with each of its grantees over the years.  EIF national initiatives are aimed at raising public awareness around critical social issues and raising funds to support selected charities.  EIF awards grants to organizations selected to accomplish the goals unique to each initiative.  

EIF’s monitoring of grants is comprised of three component parts:  Pre-grant review and due diligence; on-site review (site visit); and progress reports that include details of the agency’s ...

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Our Grantees

Nationally, the Entertainment Industry Foundation combines the power of the entertainment industry with corporate and not-for-profit support to help raise awareness and funds for important causes. Our dedicated sponsors provide valuable financial and marketing resources to create cause-related promotions and special events to benefit EIF's national initiatives. Overall, our grantees contribute to the success and impact of EIF initiatives and deliver the highest quality research, direct services and programs.


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Grantseeker FAQ


1. Can we apply for funding through one of your national initiatives?

At this time, EIF does not accept any unsolicited requests for funding through any of our programs. 

2. What type of organizations do you fund?

EIF awards grants through its national initiatives and special fundraising events through an invitation-only RFP process.  Selected organizations are identified during the development of the initiative based on several criteria, including an organization’s track record and ability to accomplish specific strategic grant objectives consistent with the goals of the EIF program. ...